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Big cowhairBig double leafHeart-shaped LeafLove LeafLucky LeafSmall cowhairSmall double leaf
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Product name: 7 Kinds aquarium plants

Type: small double leaf/big double leaf/small cowhair/big cowhair/love leaf/lucky leaf/ heart-shaped leaf.

【Attention: Because Small Cowhair and Big Cowhair are different (they look like empty and weak, so they are easy to float above water surface), please plant the Small Cowhair and Big Cowhair without water or out of water for better germination rate】

Weight: about 10g

Quantity: 1pack


1. Very easy to grow, no need CO2, no need strong light. Easy to grow to provide oxygen for fish.

2. Beautiful decoration .

3. Easy to grow to provide oxygen for fish.

4. Each pack can plant 30X30cm tank.

How to plant

Dear customer: if you are not good at gardening, you can try 1lot to begin. Please follow below steps is better for products to germinate:

​1 – Please put soil or sand in the bottom of tank

2 – Please settle the products on the soil or sand together

3 – Please sprinkle water to make products with soil wet and moist for about 20minutes

4 – Please fill water into your tank by the wall of tank to follow wall go down into tank slowly gently

5 – Please supply lighting for products to germinate for about 8hours per day

There are detailed planting instructions at the bottom of the page↓↓↓

Detailed planting instructions

Attention: please turn off pump and keep the fish away fro m the products, so that the products can grow safely with soil in the bottom

No Water planting (Recommended)

1. Spread the water grass soil in the fish tank.

2. Gently spray  water to wet the soil until it is soaked.

3. Spread the products evenly on the grass soil and cover with a thin layer of soil.

4. Use a small watering can to spray water every day and keep the temperature in the fish tank at about 28 degrees. Generally, products will germinate within 3-5 days.

5. When the products are basically budding and turning green, use the coverings to slowly inject water into the aquarium, and try not to hit the soil and products .

6. After filling with water, maintain the temperature between 22 and 24 degrees and open the filter.

7. After the products is successfully transferred to water, it continue to grow and gradually became a landscape in 15 days.

Advantage: High germination rate

Disadvantage: The temperature in the fish tank is not easy to control, it is recommended to use fresh-keeping film to seal.

Water planting method

Note: Water planting is not to fill the aquarium with water and then sprinkle the products of aquatic plants, but first plant products and then add water to the aquarium according to the following steps.

1. Spread the water grass soil in the fish tank.

2. Spread the products evenly on the grass soil and cover with a thin layer of soil.

3. Use a buffer to cover the products and fill the tank with water, in order not to impact the products.

4. After filling with water, turn on the heating rod, adjust it to 25-28 degrees, turn on the lamp, keep the lamp illumination time for 5-8 hours every day, and turn on the filter.

5. Products germinate in about 5 days. After germination, the temperature drops to 22-24 degrees, and gradually becomes a landscape in about 15 days.

Advantage: The fish tank is full of water and the temperature can be well controlled by a heating rod.

Disadvantage: If the tank is full of water and the products are covered by soil, the products may sprout more slowly.

Brand Name


Model Number






Aquatic Decorations Type



Aquarium plants


about 10g



Function 1

Easy to grow

Function 2

Live Aquarium Plant

Function 3

Fish Tank Plant

Function 4

Aquarium decoration

Function 5

Aquarium waterscape

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    Extra fast delivery) i will try to germinate, i will add a tip. While satisfied with the sender.

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    The product is on time now i hope the seeds germinate, Seller fulfilled 100% of the above

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    Great result! Raised a whole lawn in the aquarium! Oh class!!!

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    Delivery is 2,5 months. Corresponds to the description.

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    a Very good seeds, i’m really satisfied, only want know cientific name of plants

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    The order was delivered before the stated time, it remained to plant and grow, and then write off the results. The store is sociable, i recommend.

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    Very long long delivery-to belarus for almost a month and a half. Packed in a bag with a pup, the seeds themselves in a dense zip bag. While everyone is happy (except the delivery time), the store recommend. When i launch a new aquarium and plant seeds, i will add a review from the photo.

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    Thank you, got everything, threw it in the mailbox. We will grow

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    Seeds came for 3 weeks, specially made an order with paid delivery. Everything came in full order according to the description of the store. Specially did not launch the aquarium before the arrival of seeds. Immediately fell asleep in the ground and I’m waiting for shoots, then I will add the review with pictures. Judging by the positive reviews should something to grow.

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    seed was received in 3 weeks. plants were first immersed in water 2 weeks after seeding. this is the outcome 2 weeks after immersion.

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    Excellent, I’m coming very fast. The store is highly recommended.

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    Will try it

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    I got the seeds. Delivery about a month. How to grow until I know.

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    I did not sow until I say nothing, but there are many families)

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    The order came almost for 22 days!!! Sending fast and shipping “fire”, the track is not tracked to the Russian Federation, all as in the description, the marking on the package is!!! It will be necessary to check how it will be!!, satisfied oooochen. Seller recommend. This product I purchased with the alibonus extension and saved already $165.46. Alibonus extension helps to save up to 8.25% of the purchase cost on AliExpress. Use my link https://megabonus . * Com/? u = 137434 product reference https://megabonus . * Com/y/h3epk (to copy the address, remove * from the link)

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    The goods arrived with signed packages. I don’t even know if it makes sense to put them in the aquarium. First we will conduct a test in some bank for the vitality of this herb))))

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    the grass is good enough to smoke

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